As a best-selling author, trusted business consultant and successful lawyer over the last 30 years, Eric Johnson has a wealth of unique business experience that very few individuals can rival. 

He has been the sought after lawyer to some of America’s biggest companies and worked on some of the most complex business deals and negotiations in American history. 

Small Business & Corporate Trainings

Eric has an engaging and captivating style of speaking that’s perfect for any business or organization looking to inspire and educate their employees. His speaking and training on how anyone can handle objections and adversity in both the workplace and life help create a stronger company culture. 

Organizations often find their employees experience an increased sense of well being, greater output, and increased sales due to adopting a winning mindset!

For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Eric will speak about financing business deals, structuring businesses correctly,  and growth strategies any business can implement immediately. 

Additionally, he’ll discuss the major players in financing options as well as when they should be used according to their needs; what types of businesses can benefit from going public or staying private – both short term growth vs long-term stability; raising capital in unique ways; structuring a company so it’s easily reproducible while still being profitable after its first few years, and much more! 

General Speaking

If you are looking for a speaker who can move people emotionally, look no further than Eric Todd Johnson. His ability to communicate with clarity and passion combined make him one of the most sought-after public speakers today! 

His stories are engaging and inspiring, making him the perfect person for any event!

Eric’s “From Worst-To-First” speech shows your audience how to overcome any obstacle and turn those obstacles into the fuel that drives their success! The power to change yourself has never been more within reach than today – and Eric’s speech will show you exactly how to make it happen. 

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