How to Face Adversity and Prevail! 

“Worst To First” will show you how to do just that by teaching you a unique framework to overcome any problem life throws at you, and turn that problem into the fuel that drives your success.

Life can be tough, and it doesn’t always go the way we want it to, but we can still be want we want to be.

But that doesn’t mean we have to give up on ourselves or our dreams. We all face adversity in life, but how we deal with it determines whether we succeed or fail. 

This audiobook will help you overcome the obstacles in your path so you can live the best version of yourself possible!

It includes practical advice for dealing with failure, rejection, fear and more, while learning how to embrace your full potential.

Worst-to-First shares how trained professionals are taught to overcome obstacles and prevail over problems. It identifies how to leap from worst-to-first and shares how the author jumped from being a housekeeper who was rejected from every law school to which he applied to #1 in his law school class.

“Because I know there’s a lot of people who have tried to apply self-help and personal improvement materials, and they haven’t gotten the results that they wanted, my hope is that I’m able to provide them a different approach. An approach that will complement what they’ve previously been exposed to. And that with that complementary approach, they get much better results in their lives.”

– Eric Todd Johnson

Including real world examples from clients, students, and personal stories, you’ll learn and discover:


Why formal training in how to deal with obstacles helps overcome them

Learn what professionals know, and get professional results.


How an immigrant who came to the United States with just $50 in his pocket become a multi-millionaire

By doing just one thing differently than everyone else around him. (This is difference between massive success and massive failure)


The 4 faculties of life you must master if you really want to excel in all areas!

How to align our thoughts, feelings, actions and spiritual power to lift us to unknown success.


Learn to develop a healthy self-image without even trying that’s necessary for creating a winning attitude.


How to accelerate your success with the power of Intense Focus


How to get exceptional results from exceptional preparation

(If you don’t prepare right, you could actually cause more harm than good)


The secret to go from worst-to-first in record time in any area of your life.

It is the secret of overcoming all odds and achieving astounding success – success that is so lofty to the one who achieves it, it usually astounds them.


Learn the secrets of developing an agile mind that never caves under pressure.

When a person is under attack, the untrained mind often freezes. Who hasn’t been confronted and afterward reviewed the confrontation thinking of better ways to respond; thinking of things they could have said or done, but did not? Never let that happen again! You’ll be able to handle any job interview, business negotiation, or argument with calmness and confidence!


Learn about the different sources of adversity and how to handle each one the correct way.

The proper response to different sources and levels of adversity is necessary to enjoy the best results.

Order “From Worst To First” Today and Experience A Profound Transformation In Your Life!


Your full potential can only be achieved by confronting challenges and prevailing over problems.

Those who fail to learn how to regularly defeat difficulties never achieve all that they could, and all that they should, despite tremendous potential and exceedingly great effort. Worst-to-First shares core training techniques and approaches professionals are taught to overcome obstacles in the boardroom, the courtroom, and anywhere else. These are tried and proven practices that work time and again, not just for some, but even for those who have repeatedly proven to themselves that they are merely average. In terms that are simple and powerful, Worst-to-First demonstrates how and why your potential is unlimited.

  • Learn the different sources of adversity and how to handle each one the correct way for the best results.
  • Learn the four faculties that you must master to excel in all areas of life.
  • How to get exceptional results from proper preparation.
  • How to develop an agile mind to effectively respond to all types of attacks, and prevail.
  • How apply your native abilities to accelerate your success, at work, at home, and in personal relationships.
  • The secret to achieve astonishing success. Success that is so tremendous it astonishes the person who achieves it.

Seasoned attorney, Eric Todd Johnson, assembled this program to share the lessons he had to learn to lift himself from being a housekeeper who was rejected by every law school to which he applied, to the top of his class in the law school of his choice. These are lessons learned to confront opposition and prevail in Billion-dollar lawsuits and in Billion-dollar business deals.

These are the lessons that have long been reserved for the elite, but that are now shared to help anyone who is willing to try again to be their best. Worst-to-First builds on and compliments the teachings of other leading success educators like Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Jack Canfield and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

No matter where you are now or what challenges stand in your way, this book will help guide you on the path to becoming unstoppable.

It doesn’t matter if it seems like all hope is lost; there is always something that can be done in any situation. The only thing stopping us from living our dreams is ourselves, not the problem in front of us.

The knowledge behind this process may seem daunting at times because nothing worth getting comes easy, yet with just a few little changes you might find yourself living out your wildest dreams in ways you could never imagine.

About Eric Todd Johnson

Eric Todd Johnson is a seasoned attorney who has confronted the challenges that arise in billion-dollar business deals and in billion-dollar litigation, and prevailed. Until he learned how attorneys confront adversity and prevail, he struggled.

Due to poor grades in high school and college, he was working in housekeeping and was rejected by every law school to which he applied. Once he learned how lawyers are trained to overcome obstacles, he slipped into law school, but his grades were so low that he was literally last in his class. Regardless, applying the lessons that professionals are taught to prevail over problems, he rose to the top of his law school class in one of the most competitive environments there is.

In addition to his Juris Doctorate degree, Mr. Johnson also has a Masters of Business Administration degree. Mr. Johnson is a valued speaker and maintains an active law practice.

“loaded with helpful ideas!

As the retired CEO of the world’s most respected personal development company, Nightingale-Conant, I’ve been exposed to hundreds of titles by some of the best personal and professional development authors in the world. When I heard Eric Todd Johnson’s program,  Worst to First, I found it loaded with helpful ideas that I had never heard before. Worst to First offers sound advice for anyone serious about taking the steps necessary to get to the top of their field. I highly recommend it

Gary Chappell

Retired CEO, Nightingale-Conant

“Win at the game of life”

“Eric has taken his training and success as a lawyer and condensed it into a practical guide anyone can learn from. His new audiobook “Worst To First” teaches people how to win at the game of life by overcoming adversity.”

“Insightful and transformative!

So many books on improvement ignore the most important element of individual intrinsic value. This book unpacks the secrets self actualization in common terms. Having the author narrate the book makes this even more enjoyable. Very well done!”

J Lyman

Transformative Performance Guide

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No matter where you are now or what challenges stand in your way, this book will help guide you on the path to becoming unstoppable.

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